Hey there! Welcome to my happy place! My name is Lauren Faumuina and I am the founder and owner of this company. I am so happy to share my passion with you. I first got into making candles and soaps in early 2021. I have a fulltime job that I am very grateful for, but it wasn't really fulfilling me. I didn't want to just work to earn money, which don't get me wrong is amazing and necessary, but I wanted to do something more creative with my life. I have always loved good smelling things and most of all I love my home to smell good ALL THE TIME. I thought that making candles and soap would be a perfect fit for me!

During this time of figuring out what I want to do with my life, my mom was diagnosed with a rare type of Leukemia. Her life hung by a thread for a few months and I was devastated. I put my passion on hold to help her go through it for a couple months. I knew I wanted to help her financially, so I made a Go Fund Me for her, but I wanted to give something in return. I was going to make candles to sell locally and use that money to help with her bills, but I thought I could do that on a bigger scale. So here we are months later, starting a small business where a portion of all purchases that YOU make go to help her. We thank you so much for your help!   


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